Tourville Finances
Chartered Certified Accountant

In the frame of foreign group’s establishment and development on the French Market, our goal is to offer our knowledge of the French Accounting, Tax and Social Regulations combined with our material expertise of the French Corporates Operations.

Dedicated to Small and Medium Sized Corporates, our primary focus is to build a close relationship and tailor-made solutions on a mutual basis together with Business Managers, and properly address their requirements in relation to key decisions.

The past professional experience of the founder and partner, Certified Chartered Accountant, in leading auditing firms as well as large corporate organizations with international scope ensure operational added value to our accounting knowledge of reporting processes and schemes under US and UK accounting standards.

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Accounting of French entities of UK/US Corporates

  • Assist in the decision-making process for adequate legal, tax and social corporate status
  • Assist in administrative registrations
  • Implement corporate social and tax obligations in compliance with French law
  • Accounts Bookkeeping
  • Annual financial statements release
  • Payroll

Corporate Finance (small & medium sized corporates / private equity investors)

  • Accounting and financial audit of the corporate target (acquisition)
  • Vendor Due Diligence (disposal)
  • Support throughout the transaction process
  • Business plan build up
  • Independant valuation process in M&A transactions or restructurings
  • Valuation report

Reporting and Information Systems French Entity / Parent

  • Implementation of accounting & financial reporting procedures
  • Management reports between the French entity and its parent


  • Audit of accounting organization and procedures
  • Statutory audit in compliance with international standards